Gometra Salmon Farm

Scottish Salmon Farming

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A Salmon Farm for Gometra?, Roc Sandford, Round and About Mull, 1st May 2012


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Probe into Mass Sickness at Fish Processing Plant, Victoria Allen, Mail, 25th October 2012


New Environment Minister ducks call in on marine pollution, Ewan Kennedy, For Argyll, 15th October 2012


Affordable access to judicial review available for environmental decisions, Ewan Kennedy, For Argyll, 14th October 2012


£17 million loss threatens the salmon industry, Julie-Anne Barnes, Daily Mail, 13th October 2012


Unprecedented Spread of Salmon Disease, Hebrides News, 12th October 2012


Fishermen in Western Isles losing up to 20% of their stock as disease spreads, STV, 11th October 2012


Amoebic Gill Disease in Salmon, RSPCA, undated press release


Scotland's Fish Farming faces tougher Controls, BBC, 4th October 2012


Scottish Government Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill, 3rd October 2012


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Seal cull kept secret after fears protesters will target marksmen, Julia Horton, Scotsman, 24th September 2012


Location of fish farms that shoot seals kept secret, Rob Edwards, Herald 23rd September 2012


Awash with disease and chemicals, John MacLeod, Daily Mail, 22nd September 2012  And : Part II


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Chemicals to control salmon parasites, Severin Carrell, Guardian, 10th September 2012


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